Whoa xq.. you had me at believe.  


The news of Portland’s reservoir contamination and tragically the dumping of million gallons of water confirms that we need to slow down and ‘reflect’.  Our society is too caught up in our ‘parts’ or another system term, seeing only the peaks of the ‘iceberg’.  The materialistic society disconnects us from the side effects of our consumption.  The separation allows for excuses of our actions and relieves us from our accountability to preservation.  The guys distracted by their need for public recognition cannot foresee nor fully understand the environmental consequences of their actions.  Maybe the sentences for prior contaminations of the reservoir were rather too lenient, community service instead of jail time.  Whatever the reason for their action, I hope the public shaming will deter this from reoccurring. 

I seemed to have run out of words these days with my recent posts outsourced to poets and IG quotes.  I am just a robot running continuously with no time to process life.  I keep setting small goals to met in hopes that with each mini achievements is when I’ll take a break.  Even now as I take a moment to breath, my head is cluttered and hazy.  I don’t have much to say in this moment of stillness.

Make the present count.  

Letting go is not easy but we agreed that it had to be done.  I am grateful for the years we had, the trips we taken and the food we shared.  I am also grateful that you supported me through undergrad, helped me moved every quarter, cooked and cleaned when I am too drained from grad school.  Thanks for being amazing.